Buying a gift for a teacher is not an easy task. There are some people that think that teachers like gifts that say “teacher” on it. If the teacher has been teaching for years, that is probably not a good idea… as they probably have more “teacher trinkets” than they know what to do with.

In our opinion, one of the best things to get your teacher is a gift card. It doesn’t have to be a big one… a $5 or $10 one would do. Starbucks, Einstein Bagels and Chick Fil A are some ideas, although there are many places you can buy gifts cards.

Teachers also a lot of times spend their own money to buy school stuff for their classrooms so if you’re buying a gift for an English Teacher, they might appreciate a gift card to Target… or even Barnes and Nobles.

Teachers also appreciate cards with a little note in it about how you appreciate them and what they have done for your student.

If you have no money to buy gifts, you could always make them cookies or brownies or something like that. Find out what they like and make them a special treat.