Below is our “Top 10 Gifts for Grandpop” List. All the gifts listed below have been given excellent reviews by online consumers!

Before we list the list of top 10 rated gifts, remember, that the best gift you could give Grandpa would be spending time with him. That would mean more to him than any gift at all. That being said, below is our “Top 10” list.

1. Take Grandpa out to eat at his favorite restaurant
If you are on a budget, you could set up a time to make him dinner.
He wouldn’t care as long as he got to spend time with you. And, if you are on an even tighter budget, you could make him his favorite dessert!

2. A “Photo Book”
You can buy this either at or at Gather up some pictures of the time you have spent with him and make him a photo book. He will absolutely love this gift!

3. “Story of a Lifetime Book”
Price: $39 @
Description: This book is such a great idea for grandpa!  It allows him to answer questions about himself… and so in the long run, leave a legacy for his family. If your grandpa likes to tell stories about his past… or loves to write… and you’re not on a budget… this could be the perfect gift for him.

4. Fishing Lure that says “Love you Grandpa” on it
Price: $15 at
Description:  This is as basic as it gets but super great gift idea!  This stainless steel fishing lure has “love you grandpa” stamped on it (in stainless steel as well). If your grandpop loves to fish, this is the perfect gift for him! It really can be used to fish with so be careful of the hook when it is opened up.

5. “Best Grandpa Ever” T-shirt
Price: $12 – $23 at (depending on size/color)
Description: You can’t go wrong with a basic t-shirt with the words “Best Grandpa Ever on it”. If your grandpa is the “casual kind”,  this would be a great gift for him!

6. Pocket Knife with “#1 Grandpa” written on it – 9 functions
Price: $10 at
Description: Here is another great gift idea if you are on a budget and if your grandpop likes fiddling around with things. The knife is a little longer than a credit card. The tools on it are scissors, 2 screwdrivers, a corkscrew, a saw blade, a bottle opener, a file, and 2 knife blades. The tools are stainless steel.

7. Personalized Golf Balls
Price: $26.95 at
Description: Personalize a set of 12 golf balls for grandpop for his birthday or Christmas.  You can say things like, “Grandpa Smith. Best Golfer Ever!” or “Grandpa’s Lucky Golf ball”. Super unique gift idea for a grandpop who loves to golf!  These balls are also getting great reviews by online consumers!

8. Personalized Photo Mug
Price: $15 at
Description: 11 oz. ceramic personalized mug (microwave and dishwasher safe). Upload pictures (one on each side of the mug) of you and and grandpa to Amazon and they will place the directly on the mug. (The process is called “dye sublimation”). You can also upload text if you’d rather. Note: You personalize the mug after you order the mug. They will send you an email shortly after you order it. This gift is getting great reviews! People are even saying they deliver it quickly.

9. “The Greatest Grandpa” Pocket Watch – Retro with “Belt Clip chain”
Price: $14 at (SALE)
Description: This “precision Japanese quartz movement” pocket watch personalized with “The Greatest Grandpa” is a perfect gift for your grandpa! It is high quality. The chain is 14 inches.  This super discounted price won’t last long so buy it while you can!

10. “Grandpa & me” picture frame
Price: $11 at
Description: Picture frame with “grandpa & me” on it. This is super simple, but put a photo of you and your grandpop in it, and you’ve got a perfect gift that he’ll love, and it doesn’t “break the bank”!

Just remember … no matter what gift you buy your grandpa… always spend time with him. Remember, he won’t be around forever.

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