Top 10 Rated Gifts for Men.  All of the following gifts are rated excellent by online consumers.

  1. Trunk Organizer – under $20 at

 This trunk organizer (25.5”Lx13.5”W x13”H) is a great idea for the car. Your man can put his tools, car wash “stuff”, cords, umbrella & other “odds and ends” in here… and it will look organized! Not sure if this is a gift for him or her, but it is a great idea and it has excellent reviews. Consumers say it is made very well and the bottom is very stury.


2. Wireless Bluetooth Hat with speaker and earphones – under $17 at


The Bluetooth hat is such a great idea, especially for the winter time when men are outside working in the yard… or if they are walking the dog… or even playing sports. They can listen to music at the same time. What a great idea and consumers are loving it!



3. All-New Echo Dot (2nd Generation) – Black – Under $50 at
If your husband or man is a “techy”, they’ll know what this is. If not, it’s basically a “robot-like device”. You can talk to it and it will do as you say. For instance, you can tell it to play a certain kind of music… tell it to set your alarm for the next morning, etc.

To see a video  of this product, click here.


4.  Travel Bag for Electronics – $20 at

What a great gift idea for a man for when he is traveling! He can organize his electronics for his trip and his cords (or you can do it for him) so everything is easy to find when he needs it. Online consumers give this great reviews!




5. Hangry Man Kit – Under $34 at


This gift has every kind of “man snack” a man would want. It’s filled with protein… nuts & meat!
Perfect for when he is watching sports or in his “man cave”. This gift has great reviews!



6. One Minute Prayers Book – Under $10 at

To help get men started on the right foot each morning, the “One Minute Prayers Book” is an excellent gift idea. It will help him focus on his day just by reading a short prayer each morning. Such a neat gift idea for a man.




7. Pen with 6 Tools in It – under $10 at

What an amazing idea… a pen that can be used 6 different ways… it has a level, a ruler, a ballpoint pen, a stylus, a mini flat-head and Phillips screwdriver.  What a unique cheap gift idea for a man… and consumers say men love it!


8. Personalized Engraved Wood Knife – under $15 at

Looking for a personalized unique gift for a man? This personalized wood knife might be just what you’re looking for… and it’s great for those on a tight budget! Consumers are saying this is an excellent quality knife for the price… and the woodwork is beautiful! After you buy it, you just send an email to the seller with how you want it engraved… it’s that simple!

9. Polarized sunglasses – $20 at


These polarized glasses with unbreakable frames are normally $60 so I’m not sure how long they will be $20 so if you want them, you should order them soon. Consumers give these glasses great reviews!




10. Sports Illustrated Yearly Subscription – currently $42 a year at

Let’s face it. Most men love sports… so if they don’t have a subscription already to Sports Illustrated, I’d suggest you get it for him. It’s not even $50 for the whole year. If you get it automatically renewed it’s a little cheaper but people are saying you have to wait a long time to get it so you might want to go with the one year option which is currently $42 (still very cheap).




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