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Below is our “Top 10 Baby Gifts for Boys” List. All the gifts have been given excellent reviews by online consumers!

1. Baby Aspen “Let the Fin Begin” (Blue) 4 piece Gift Set
Price: $35 at
Description: This is a 4 piece gift set that includes a “grayish blue” terry hooded towel (30″ square and hood is 6″ deep) with at shark’s face that smiles. Also included is a little “puppet shark” ad a pair of slippers (so basically, it is a “3 piece set” instead of a 4 piece set). It comes in a little bucket that says “Let the Fin Begin” on it. Consumers are saying it is super cute!

2. Gerber Baby Boy’s Terrycloth Bib – 3 pack
Price: $7.99 at
Description: This 3 pack of baby boy bibs has sayings on them. One says:  “Daddy’s Best Bud”… One says: “awesome since day 1” and the last one says “”Tiny but Tough”. Most online consumers are saying these are very well made, and the bibs are soft on both sides.

3. Lil Jumbl Silicone Baby-Bibs (set of 2) (can order the colors “blue & green” at checkout)Price: $14.99 at
Description: I am wondering where these baby bibs were when my daughter was a baby. As a matter of fact, if they were larger, I’d order one for all of us at our house!  No kidding. These bibs are so great because they “catch” food that falls from the baby’s face. Plus, they are silicone and are washable! Online consumers are saying these bibs are awesome!

4. VTech Drop and Go Dump Truck
Price: $10.99 at (SALE… normally $15.99)
Age: 6 months to 3 years
Description: This gift is great because it will last the baby a long time (typically, they will play with it until they are 3 years old). The truck is about 7.5″ x 10″ x 5.5″. The baby can drop the balls (“rocks” – about 1.75 ” in diameter) into a hole in the front of the truck… and if he pushes down on the ball, it will shoot the ball in the back of the dump truck “bucket”.  This toy plays melodies, “talks (“phrases”) and teaches babies tools and colors. It requires 2 AAA batteries but they are included. Consumers are saying their boys just love this toy; it amuses them and keeps the entertained for a long time.

5. VTech Baby’s Learning Laptop
Price: $20.05 (SALE at (normally $26.06)
Age: 6 months to 3 years
: This laptop received great reviews as well. Here again, is another toy that will last for years and a baby can use it as well as a toddler.  There are 9 buttons baby can push. They all play different melodies. When the buttons are pushed, the computer lights up. This makes a lot of baby’s smile.  They, you can also change the mode, so that the computer will speak as the baby presses each of the 9 buttons. Then, there is also a 3rd mode that you can change it to… and then, when the 9 buttons are pressed, the computer says “shapes”. Super cute gift idea!
To see a clip of the “Vtech Baby’s Learning Laptop”, click here

6.  Mega Bloks Big Building Bag (80 piece) (BPA free)
Price: $17.97 at
Age: 12 months to 5 years
Description: This is a set of 80 building blocks manufactured in Canada. They area big and easy for babies to hold. It comes in a PVC-free bag and has a handle on it so you can transport the blocks with you wherever you go. This gift has been given excellent reviews by online consumers. They say these blocks keep their babies entertained for hours!

7. Baby Einstein Rock Light and Roll Guitar
Price: $12.39 (on SALE at Regular Price: $16.99)
Age: 12 months to 2 years
Description: Babies everywhere are loving this cute little guitar made by Baby Einstein. There are 3 buttons on the neck of the guitar that when pushed, play electric guitar riffs. There’s a “rattle ball” on it that when the baby rolls it, it sounds like “strumming”.  There are also 10 “classical melodies” on the guitar.

8. VTech Smart Shots Sports Center
12 months to 3 years
Price: $29.88 at (on SALE. Normal price: $39.99)
Description: This toy is unbelievably cute and for the money, it’s a steal! It’s like being in a “baby arcade”. The baby can shoot either a basketball into the hoop or a soccer ball. Each time, it gets into the basket/goal, the baby gets rewarded by the “talking scoreboard” which will say things like “numbers”. For the younger ones, who can’t make the baskets, there are buttons to push. This does need 3 AAA batteries which are NOT included.
To see a clip of this VTech Smart Shots Sports Center, click here.

9. T-Tek “Discover & Play Activity Ball”
0 and up
Price: $15.99 at
Description: Babies seem to be so captivated by this activity toy ball. It’s a small little ball that keeps babies entertained for a long time. It has a spinning “frog character”, a caterpillar “bead chaser”, a spinning mirror, a thing that squeaks, colorfull “rattle beads”. So much to do for such a little toy… and “small” means that it is easy to take along with you so that is always a good thing, too! This toy is getting great reviews!

10. Munchkin Bath Toy – “School of fish”
12 months +
Price: $6.99 at
Description: If you are on a budget but want to buy something for a baby, this toy is the perfect one.  Over 278 online consumers are saying this is a great gift for a baby boy. There are 3 “squirty fish” that sit in a yellow boat that floats in the tub. The baby can take the fish out of the boat and squirt water (OK, fun for the baby; maybe not so much fun for the person giving him a bath). Babies (even kids a little older) seem to really love this toy! It’s a great gift option!

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