For Girls Ages 5 to 7

Below is our “Top 10 Gifts for Girls Ages 5 to 7 ” List. All the gifts have been given excellent reviews by online consumers!

1. Creativity for Kids Fashion Headbands
creativity head bands for girls

Ages: 5 and up (although one person said they were a bit tight for an adult)
Price: $18 at
Description: This set includes 10 different colored satin headbands that girls can decorate with the included accessories (rhinestones, flowers, feathers, a butterfly, yards of ribbon and more). Super cute gift and it has excellent reviews!



2. Huge Rainbow Kite
Rainbow kite

Ages: 4 months and up (We think it should be ages 5 and up)
: $13 at
Description: This is a very colorful large kite (that comes with string and spool) that many consumers are saying is very easy to fly! One consumer said it was hard to keep it on the ground! It comes with a plastic “sleeve” that when you remove the center “support” and fold it up, you can store it in the “sleeve”. Awesome gift idea for a girl!


3. Artist Studio Scra-ffiti Scratch Pad
Artist Studio scratch pad for girls

Ages: 5 and up (although some people have given this gift to a 4 year old girl and they loved it, too)
: $11 at
Description: This is a book filled with 19 pages of “scratch away themes”. Kids take the wooden “stylus” and scratch away at the pages to reveal a “rainbow of colors”.  Great to bring in the car to keep girls entertained! Great gift reviews!



4. Disney Princess Townleygirl Cosmetic Beauty Set
disney princess beauty set
Ages: 6 and up
: $14 at
Description: This set includes 2 lip glosses & balms (both “flavored”), 2 shimmery nail polishes, 1 file, 1 mirror (shatterproof), 2 toe separators, 2 hair bows and 1 carrying case). Each item in the set is decorated with a Disney character. The “cosmetics” are water-based” so safe for young girls. Super cute gift idea for girls who love Disney.



5. Perler Beads – 6,000 count
Perler Beads
Ages: 5 and up
: $13 at
Description: These beads will keep girls busy for hours. The 6,000 beads will make enough for 2 dozen projects. Just put the beads on the “pegboards” that are included in a pattern of their choice, put the ironing paper down (included in kit) and then iron (iron not included) and “Voila!”, you have a “masterpiece”. Super cute and has great reviews! (Note: Child will most likely need supervision with the iron unless they are older.)

6. God and Me Devotional for Girls
God and Me Devotional for girls

Ages: 4 to 8
Price: $10 at
Description: This devotional has received great reviews. It includes 240 pages that include devotions, puzzles, recipes, space to write “journal entries”, etc. What a great way for little girls to learn about God and develop their relationship with Him.




7. Monkeys Up Game
Monkeys up game

Ages: 6 and up
: $22 at
Description: This game is supposed to be super fun. There are 15 monkeys that kids get to “switch, flip or steal” (depending on what the dice says). It sounds like a complicated game but it is rather easy to play. This games has great reviews.




8. PrettyPro “Makeup Artist” Game
PrettyPro Makeup Artist game for girls
Ages: 6 and up (2 to 4 players)
: $26 at
Description: This is a neat game because the cards that are used to play the game focus on inner beauty messages and things like fashion tips. “Girly girls” are sure to love this game as all the players pretend they are “Makeup Artists”. Consumers are saying the girls love this game and play it for hours.



9. Mermaid Tail Velvet Blanket by Amagoing
Mermaid tail blanket
Ages: 3 to 12
Price: $22.39 at (SALE)
Description: Included in this adorable mermaid blanket (approximately 56″ x 20″) is the blanket and a “carry along bag”. Perfect gift for a young girl. This blanket is made of velvet material. Girls are loving these blankets as it makes them feel like they are a mermaid!



10. Littlest Pet shop Style Set by Hasbro
Littlest Pet show style
Ages: 6 and up (although we’d think it was for ages 5 to 8)
: $25 at
Description: This cute Littlest Pet Shop “style set” includes 3 pets, Deco Bits, stickers and accessories (including a bookshelf, curtains & chandelier). Online reviews are saying that girls really love this set!




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