Girls Ages 17 – 18

Below is our “Top 10 Gifts for Girls Ages 17 – 18” List. All the gifts have been given excellent reviews by online consumers!

1. iPod Touch 6th Generation Armband “Supcase”
Running band for ipod nano                        

Price: $17 at
Description: This Ipod Touch Armband is designed for Apple Ipod Touch 6th and 5th generation.  The armband consists of a soft stretchy Velcro so it will fit on both little and big arms (9″ to 21″). This is great for running or for taking walks.  Consumers are loving this armband because it is adjustable and it is easy to get on and off the arm. (Note:  This band does not fit an iPhone6… it’s much smaller than that.)


2. SevenBlu HIP – Money/Running Belt
belt for phone money
Price: $24 at (SALE)
Description: This “money/running/walking belt” is great because you can wear it around your waist/hips, and it’s made of spandex/lycra material so it stretches to fit your waist/hips. It’s basically like a “mini purse” that you don’t have to hold. It has a front pocket and a back pocket where you can store your phone, money and credit cards, It even fits large cell phones like the iphone6, 6s or 7 as well as the Android Samsung smartphones like Galaxy s5 or s6. You can pick your favorite color and size during “checkout” (XS to XL), too. (There’s a “size chart” to make sure you pick the correct size.)  Women are loving this. A lot of them are using it to work out with. They put their phone in their pocket, plug in their headphones and exercise away. Super great gift idea!

3. PopSockets: Expanding Stand and Grip for Smartphones and Tablets – Blue Nebula
pop sockets for phone

Price: $10 at
Description: PopSockets are a little thing that you place on the back of your phone or ipad to make it more comfortable for you to hold (and to give you a less chance of dropping your phone)… or to make the phone or device stand without you having to hold it. Check out the video below to see Popsockets “in action”. It’s the best way to see what they can do for you. Online consumers give these great reviews for sure, though!

Click below to See a Video of PopSockets:

4. Power Bank Phone Charger USB Device Cable Laptop Adapter Electronic Organizer Bag
carry electronic cord case                           

Price: $20 at (SALE)
Description: This Electronic Organizer bag is a great gift idea for a teenage girl who is 17 or 18… especially if she is getting ready to go off to college. The bag dimensions are: 9.44″ X 6.88″ X 3.74″. This bag has 2 main nylon area compartments  Within each compartment are “little areas” where you can store all the electronic chargers, cell phone, etc. It also comes with little “dividers” so within the one section of the bag, you can configure them in the way that works best for you “stuff”. Excellent reviews for this travel organizer bag!

5. Gift Card to Nail Salon

Description: If your 17 or 18 year old teenage girl is a “girly girl”, she would love a gift card to a local nail salon so she can get a manicure or pedicure… or both!

6. “she believed she could so she did” cuff bracelet – sterling silver plated – one bracelet
She believed she could so she did bracelet

Price: $11 at
Description: At ages 17 and 18, girls are almost ready to “fly”. This bracelet has the words, “she believed she could so she did” on it.What a great gift idea to remind them that they can do anything they put their minds to in life. This motivational silver plated bracelet, measuring 1/3″ wide by  2-1/2″ long is getting excellent reviews by consumers. (Please note that although the picture shows 2 bracelets, only one comes with the order.)

7.  Lighted Makeup Mirror with Removable 10x Magnifying Mirrors – Krasr Touch Screen 20 LED (Includes AAA Batteries (4 Pack))
Light up mirror

Price: $40 at
Description: This “light up mirror” is lightweight and slim … and gives you a larger “viewing area” than the round ones. The on/off switch is controlled by a touch sensor on the mirror. You can also “dim the lights” as well. There is also a tray at the bottom so you can put a little bit of jewelry or other things on it. The mirror also includes a 4 pack batteries. Consumers are giving this mirror excellent reviews!

8. Nail Polish Holder Box – see through
nail polish holder

Price: $22 at
Description: If your teenage daughter is 17 or 18, the chances that she has accumulated a lot of nail polish over the years is pretty good. This see through “nail polish holder box” holds 48 nail polishes so it just might be the perfect gift for your teenager. Consumers are loving it!  Also, some people are using it to store essential oils instead of nail polish.


9. Gift Card to Favorite Restaurant

Description: Your teenager might want to go out with a girl friend or a boyfriend to dinner but just doesn’t have the money so getting her a gift card to her favorite restaurant might be a perfect gift for her.

10. Natural Lip Balm Kit – Makes 24 Lip Balms
lip balm kit

Price: $33 at
Description: This all natural “lip balm kit” is a super great gift idea for a teenage girl. The kit includes Shea Butter, Beeswax and Sweet Almond Oil. It comes with  Complete with lip balm/chapstick tubes, jars and blank labels so they can make them for their friends or family if they’d like to.



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