Boys Ages 15-16

Below is our “Top 10 Rated Gifts for Boys Ages 15 – 16” List. All the gifts have been given excellent reviews by online consumers!

1. Yanni SYMA X5UW 2.4Ghz RC Quadcopter

Yanni Quadcopter
Ages: 14 and up
Price: $84 at
Description: This is a drone that kids are loving. You can see a clip with more details about this quadcopter by clicking here.


2. Nerf Gun – Rival Apollo XV-700 (Blue) by Nerf
Nerf gun
Ages: 14 and up
Price: $20 at (SALE)
Description: Nerf Gun. Product Dimensions – 3″ x 8″ x 10″. Online consumers are saying this nerf gun is very accurate and it’s lots of fun for boys (and even girls). Also, no batteries required.




3. LEGO Creator Expert Ferrari F40 Kit (1158 Piece) (10248)
Lego ferrari kit
Ages: 14 and 15
Price: $100 at
Description: If your teenager likes to build cars, this “car building kit” is a great gift idea. The Ferrari’s dimensions, when complete, are over 3″ (8cm) high, 10″ (27cm) long and 5″ (14cm).wide. To see a video that shows more details about this kit, click here.



4. SKLZ Dribble Stick Basketball Dribble Trainer
dribble practice
Price: $80 at
Description: If your teenage boy likes to play basketball, here is a great “trainer gift”. To see a video of how the boy can use the Dribble Stick to help with dribbling, click here.



5. Doinkit Darts Magnetic Dart Board
Dart board
Ages: 6 and up
Price: $30 at
Description: This dart board (16″) comes with 6 “darts”. The dart board seems like a great one because it seems a lot safer than your typical dart board. First of all, the darts are not pointy. Second of all, at the end of each “dart” is a magnet so when the teenager throws the dart at the magnetic board, it will stick “magnetically”. Online consumers are giving this dart board great reviews!


6. Spikeball Pro Kit
spikeball pro kit
Price: $120 at
Description: This super popular game comes with a “net” and 3 balls. The rules are kind of like volleyball but you are throwing the ball down at the “mini trampoline like net” (and the ball bounces off it). The object is for the “team” to spike the ball on the “net” so that the other team can’t return it back. Kids are playing this game on the lawn or on the beach. The game comes with a rule book and a carry bag. And, the carry bag has a little “pocket” in it where you can put your wallet and keys.

7. Pick-a-Palooza
Pick Maker
Price: $26 at (SALE)
Description: If your teenage boy likes to play the guitar… and is always losing his picks, this is the perfect gift for him! This is basically a tool (it kind of looks like a stapler) that makes guitar picks!  The teenager can make them from old credit cards, gift cards, any kind of plastic that is in your house or from the “strips” that come with the kit (15 of them). They just put the plastic in the “stapler like gadget” just as you would paper in a stapler… then push down on it… and out will pop a pick!  This is a super cool and practical gift!  As well as the “pick maker gadget”, Included in this “gift set” is also a leather pick holder key chain (holds up to 10 picks)

8. Razor DXT Drift Trike
Razor DXT Drift Trike
Ages: 14 and up
Price: $115 at
Description: This trike reminds us of an older kids “big wheel” but it does not have the big thick wheels and of course, it goes much faster. Kids and even dads are loving this trike bike!


9. Cell Phone Screen Magnifier by Dizaul
cell phone screen magnifier
Price: $14.99 at (SALE)
Description: This cell phone magnifier is a great gift idea! You place your phone behind the screen and it will magnify everything so you are then looking at a larger view of what was on your phone. So, if your teenager hates looking at the tiny phone screen and wants a larger view, it is a great gift idea!



10. Portable Table Tennis by Franklin Sports
Portable Table Tennis
Price: $21.99 at
Description: What a great idea. Why buy a huge ping pong table that will take up a lot of room when you can create your own ping pong table, wherever you go! Make any table a “ping pong” table. As long as the table is 18-inches wide to 75-inches wide and as thin as 1/4-inch or as thick as 1.75-inches, this portable “table tennis set” should work on it.  You just attach the net to the table and “Voila!”, you have a “ping pong table”. This comes with 2 paddles, 2 balls and a mesh “carry bag”.

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