Girls Age 13 and 14

Buying presents for a 13 and 14 year old teenage girl is never easy … especially buying gifts you know she enjoy. We’ve done our research and checked out the reviews by online consumers… and came up with the following “Top 10 Gifts for Girls, age 13 and 14“…

Note: Everyone of these gifts are rated Excellent by Consumers!

 1. Nail polish Display Holder for wall in her room

If your teenager daughter is a “girly girl” and has tons of nail polishes all over the place, displaying them on her wall will make her happy. It will give her a “salon feel”. They come in as 3 different “plastic racks” (with hardware) and you put them on the wall as you please.

This gift is also under $20.
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2. Trivial Pursuit – Family Edition Game

If your teenager loves games, this is a great one she can play with her friends or the family… and it’s one that the whole family will actually enjoy.

This gift is also under $20 at
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3. Just Dance 2016 (Wii Nintendo)

The Wii Dance games are super popular right now… and the 2016 version has great reviews!

It is under $30 at
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4. “She believed she could so she did” Bracelet
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she believed she could bracelet inspire motivate

Cost: Under $10 (SALE at
Description: What a way to motivate a girl! With a message, “she believed she could so she did” on the bracelet, how can a teenager not feel loved and inspired? And, you can’t beat the price!




5. Sadie Robertson Live Original Devotional
If your daughter is a Christian (or you’d like her to be), this is a super great gift idea. The reviews are great, and Sadie is a wonderful role model.

Plus, this gift is under $15 at
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6. Underwater video camera (AKASO EK7000)– takes videos & pictures!
If your teenage daughter loves the water, this is a perfect gift for her.  It takes videos as well as still photos underwater! … and according to the  online reviews, it’s as good as a GoPro camera and one fourth of the price!

It costs less than $90 at

Click here to see the details about underwater video camera and to purchase it

61quihx7wil-_sl1200_Note: Make sure to get a video card (so you can save pictures and videos) with it as it does not come with it. You can buy it at Walmart or another place but you can also buy it at for cheaper. This is under $12 at Click here to see the video card




7. Marcy Recumbent Exercise bike

A lot of teenagers worry about their weight and want to exercise. If you’re on a budget, this exercise bike is a great choice. The reviews are awesome, and it costs less than $120 at
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You can also buy this at Click here to view it on


8.  Singing Machine Karaoke Machine
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karaoke-machine-that-records voice and video
Cost:$159.99 at
Description: If the teenager you need to buy for loves to sing or loves to have friends over, this is a great gift for her! Besides using the typical “karaoke CD’s”, you can hook up a Bluetooth device to it and stream karaoke if she chooses.  Plus, this is really cool because you can record both the vocals and there is a real “mp4 camera” on the karaoke machine so the girls can record video as well! Can you picture teenagers laughing hysterically as they watch themselves singing on the video? What a great gift fun gift that will create lifetime memories! (Note: If you want to record the video, you need to buy an “SD Card”… just like you would for any video camera.)

9. Mini Hair Titanium Straightener
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Cost: Under $30 at
DescriptionWhat teenager doesn’t want her hair to look amazing? Online reviews give this gift an excellent rating. The “titanium straightener” This hair straightener is small so your teenage girl can take it with her and the reviews say it makes hair look awesome. Plus, the price is awesome!

 10. Mini Roll up Travel Jewelry Case (1 case)
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Cost: Under $9.00 at  Description: If you’re just looking for a “little something” for a teenager and you are on a budget, this is a great gift… especially if she loves jewelry!  This tiny “roll up jewelry case” is a “mini organizer” where she can put her favorite jewelry in it when she goes to a friends house for the night… or on a weekend trip. It’s tiny but so cute and so practical at the same time… a big space saver, super cheap and the online reviews say the girls are loving these!

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