Top 10 Fun Games to Play at Beach

The summer will be here before we know it… and you’ll need some beach games to keep your kids busy! Below is our “Top 10 Fun Beach Games” List. All the beach games listed have been given excellent reviews by online consumers, and they would all make great gifts for teenagers, both girls and boys.

1. KanJam Game
Price: $39.99 at (Click here to buy game.)
This is like “Frisbee with a twist”. You have to get the Frisbee in the can. Teenagers and adults are having a lot of fun with this game.
Watch Video to see how to play “KanJam” …

2. Squap Paddles & Ball Outdoor Beach Game by Simba
Price: $19.99 at
A different way to have a catch, this game is really fun. Kids of all ages are enjoying this game.

Watch a Video of how to play “Squap Paddles & Ball Outdoor and Beach Game” 

3. TidalBall Set with Beach Bag
Price: $19.99 at
Roll the “tidal balls” into holes on the beach.

Watch a Video of TidalBall Beach Game in Action

4. BucketBall Game Set
Price: $49.99 at
Description: A super simple yet fun game. Just throw balls into “lined up buckets” filled with water.

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5. Spikeball Combo Meal
Price: $59.99 at
Description: This game is a cool alternative to volley ball. The game is portable and it looks like a mini trampoline. You play in 2 teams of 2. The one person from one team bounces the ball off the “mini trampoline” to their opponent who then has 3 tries to bounce it back to you. The game comes with a bag.

Watch a Video that explains more about “How to Play “Spikeball Combo Meal”…

6. Turtle Toss (corn hole) by SeaTurtle Sports
Price: $79.95 at

Description: This is a really cute “cornhole like” game that is portable and lightweight. Each hole is lined with “mesh” so the bags don’t drop on the sand. This game also comes with a carrying bag that has small holes in the bottom to allow for sand or dirt to pass through it.
Watch “How to Play “Turtle Toss” video…

7. Waboba Extreme Ball
$7.58 at (on sale today)
This super fun inexpensive ball bounces on water. Boys and girls are having fun with this ball in the ocean.
Watch a Video of “Waboba Extreme Ball” in Action

8. Champion Sports Horseshoe set
Price: $14.48 at
Description: What makes this set of horseshoes special is that it has a base at the bottom so you can use it inside or in the park or the beach.

Watch video of Champion Sports Horseshoe Set in action below…

9. AGPtEK® 3D Kite Huge Frameless Soft Parafoil Giant Blue Dolphin Breeze Beach Kites
What’s the beach without a kite? This super large and inexpensive kite is a big hit with consumers. Besides it being a lot of fun, they say it pretty much flies itself and they get a lot of compliments on the way it looks. (The only negative is they are saying not to fly it in heavy winds as the line can snap.)
Price: $10.99 at
View Video of “Dolphin Breeze Beach Kite” in Action…

10. Franklin Sports Grip-Tech Mini Football
Price: $11.30 at
Description: Kids are really enjoying this easy to grip football. It’s approximately 8.5″ long.

Watch Video of Franklin Sports Grip-Tech Mini Football in Action…

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