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Top 10 Trendy Sunglasses for Women

Below is our “Top 10 Trendy Sunglasses for Women” List. All the sunglasses listed have been given excellent reviews by online consumers!

Note: Click on pictures to see more information and/or to buy sunglasses.

1.  Newest Design Women’s Sunglasses  – Oversized – Square  Newest Design Women's sunglasses

Price: $14.99 at (SALE)
Description: Women are giving these oversized square trendy sunglasses excellent reviews. They are saying the glasses are very light… they’re super cute… very fashionable and they come with a case!




2.CG Eyewear Rhinestone Studded Narrow Rectangular Designer Fashion Sunglasses
CD eyeglasses trendy women

Price: $11.93 at
Description: Women give these sunglasses great reviews because they look stylish and they look like they cost way more than they do!




3. FEISEDY Cat Eye Mirrored Flat Lenses Metal Frame Women Sunglasses UV400

: $9.98 (SALE) at
Description:  Women are saying these feisedy sunglasses are gorgeous, sturdy and that they are in love with them!


4. Vintage Inspired Dapper Cross Bar Wayfarer Flash Revo Lens Sunglasses
Vintage inspired

: $6.95 at (Super Sale!)
Description: These unisex mirrored-lens sunglasses are a big hit with both women and men! They are stylish and people are getting many compliments on them! You can’t beat the current price!




5. WearMe Pro – Classic Small Round Retro Sunglasses
Wearme pro

: $9.95 at (Super Sale!)
Description: These unisex mirrored non-polarized sunglasses are super cool. Consumers are also giving these great reviews. They are saying they are super durable… easy to slide back onto the top of their head… and they receive lots of compliments. Again, this price is super cheap right now!

6. SojoS Cat Eye Mirrored Flat Lenses Street Fashion Metal Frame Women Sunglasses SJ1001
So Jos

: $12.99 at
Description: These mirrored trendy sunglasses are a super cool “cat eyed” shape. Women, again, are getting lots of compliments on these. Consumers are saying these look very expensive… they are so stylish… and one consumer with a heart-shaped face said it is hard to find sunglasses that look right on her shaped face but these are perfect for her!

7. zeroUV – Womens Fashion Round Metal Cut-Out Flash Mirror Lens Cat Eye Sunglasses

: $10.99 at
Description: Another pair of cat eye sunglasses, these are getting great reviews as well. Consumers are saying they feel very “cool” in these sunglasses!




8. JOJO’S Secret Cat Eye Sunglasses Metal Frame Mirror Sunglasses For Women

: $9.99 at
Description: These sunglasses are “gold/silver” although you can choose other colors when you buy them. These are another pair of “cat eye sunglasses”. What can I say? Consumers are loving these trendy glasses!


9. MINCL/Hot Oversized Rimless Sunglasses Women Clear Lens Eyewear

: $13.99 at
Description: Women are loving these super trendy, stylish glasses (gold with clean lenses). Again, women are getting lots of compliments on them. Look super awesome on!




10. VeBrellen Luxury Polarized Retro Oversized Sunglasses

: $11.99 at (on SALE!)
Description: These VeBrellen trendy sunglasses look awesome! The frame is black with purple lenses although you can choose other colors when you go to the site. These glasses are not only super stylish but one consumer said there is “zero distortion” with them. Women are “in love” with these!



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10 Phone Accessories – All Rated Excellent!

Below is our “Top 10 Phone Accessories that are Rated Excellent” List. All the gifts have been given excellent reviews by online consumers!

1. PopSockets: Expanding Stand and Grip for Smartphones and Tablets – Blue Nebula
pop sockets for phone

: $10 at
Description: If you don’t know what a “popsocket” is, it’s a little thing that sticks to the back of your phone or ipad to make it easier for you to hold (less chance of it slipping out of your hand).  Online  consumers give popsockets excellent reviews! This is a great gift idea as they are inexpensive.
Watch a Video of PopSockets…

2. iPod Touch 6th Generation Armband “Supcase”
Running band for ipod nano                        

Price: $17 at
Description: This Ipod Touch Armband is designed for Apple Ipod Touch 6th and 5th generation.  The armband is made of soft stretchy Velcro so it fits on both small and large arms (9″ to 21″). The armband is great for walking or to use when jogging.  Consumers love that the armband is adjustable and it’s simple to get on and off the arm. (Note:  This band does not fit an iPhone6… it’s much smaller than that.)


3. SevenBlu HIP – Money/Running Belt
belt for phone money
Price: $24 at (SALE)
Description: another option to use when exercising is the “money/running/walking belt” is great because you can wear it around your waist/hips, and it’s made of spandex/lycra material so it stretches to fit your form. It’s basically like a “mini purse” that you don’t have to hold. It has a front pocket and back pocket so you can store your phone, money and credit cards in it, It also fits large cell phones like the iphone6, 6s or 7 as well as the Android Samsung smartphones like Galaxy s5 or s6. You can pick your favorite color and size during “checkout” (XS to XL), too. (There’s a “size chart” to make sure you pick the correct size.)  A lot of people are using this to work out with. They put their phone in their pocket, plug in their headphones and exercise away. Super great gift idea!

4. Power Bank Phone Charger USB Device Cable Laptop Adapter Electronic Organizer Bag
carry electronic cord case                           

Price: $20 at (SALE)
Description: This Electronic Organizer bag is a “must have” if for your phone as well as other electronics you might have. It is a perfect way to store all of those cords when traveling. The bag dimensions are: 9.44″ X 6.88″ X 3.74″. This bag has 2 main nylon area compartments  Within each compartment are “little areas” where you can store all the electronic chargers, cell phone, etc. It also comes with little “dividers” so within the one section of the bag, you can configure them in the way that works best for you “stuff”. Excellent reviews for this travel organizer bag!

5. Bike & Motorcycle Phone Mount – For iPhone 7 (5, 6, 6s Plus), Samsung Galaxy or almost any Cell Phone – by Caw Car Accessories
bike or motorcycle mount - Top 10 Rated Gifts for Boys Ages 17 - 18

Price: $20 at (SALE)
Description: If you like riding bikes, this is a perfect iPhone accessory. Just mount this to your bike and you’ll have your phone handy at all times. This is getting great reviews because consumers are saying it is made well, it’s easy to install and it is a  very secure phone mount!

6. MEIDI Car 3.1A 3-Socket Cigarette Car Lighter Power Adapter DC Outlet Splitter with 12V/24V Dual USB Car Charger for iPhone 6/6plus /7, Samsung Galaxy S6 and More

3 socket car charger for 3 electronics - Top 10 Rated Gifts for Boys Ages 17 - 18Price: $14 at
Description: How many times have you been in the car and everyone’s cell phone is almost dead… and then, you flip a coin to see who gets to charge their phone in the cigarette lighter?  Well, no need to flip coins anymore… at least if there are only 3 phones/electronics that need to be charged.  You just plug the one end into the cigarette lighter and then you have the option to charge 3 devices at once. Great gift idea!


7. Ear Buds – teal and black – G-CORD (TM) Premium Stereo Sound Wired Headphones for Android iOS and Windows Devices)
ear buds Top 10 Rated Gifts for Girls Ages 15 - 16
Price: $9 at
Description: The “ear bud box” comes with a pair of G-Cord earbuds, 3 x Ear Tips (S/M/L) and a cable clip. It is compatible for any Smartphone (or Laptop, MP3/MP4 Player) (Speaker and any other devices with 3.5mm audio jack).
Consumers are saying the audio and bass are amazing in these ear buds… and the buds are  very comfortable!


8. IPhone/IPod  Holder for Car – Fits in most cup holder areas in car
** Click on picture to go directly to website to see more information and to purchase. **

Cost: $13.37 @
Now you can place your phone next to you when you drive. You place the “holder” right in the car “cup holder” (it expands to “tighten”).  This works for iPhones and iPods, as well as most smartphones, MP3 players and GPS systems.




9. Cell Phone Camera Lens – TURATA 2 in 1 Professional HD Camera Lens Kit (0.45X Super Wide Angle & 12.5X Macro Lens for iPhone7, 6s, 6s plus, 6 plus, 5s & Most Smartphones or Tablets)
magnify lens

Price: $11.98 at (SALE!)
Description: If you like taking photos… especially close up ones … this camera lens that you snap onto your phone will take beautiful sharp pictures.  You can also take a picture of a group of people much better with this lens than with without it. Without it, you might not be able to fit a group of people in the photo, but with the cell phone camera lens, you’ll be able to. Consumers are loving this accessory!


10. Cell Phone Stand for all Android Smartphone, iPhone 6 6s 7 Plus 5 5s 5c charging – Black
cell stand

: $9.98 at Amazon (HUGE Sale!)
Description: Tired of holding your cell phone when you talk to others or when you use it? This cell phone stand is the perfect solution. Online consumers are loving this phone accessory… and how can you beat the price?




11. (BONUS)  FRiEQ Universal Waterproof Case – for Apple iPhone 6S, 6S Plus, 6, 6 Plus, 5S, 5C, 5; Galaxy S6, S4, S3; HTC One X, Galaxy Note 3 (Blue)   
underwater casePrice: $6.99 at Amazon (Big Sale!)
Description: Although we wouldn’t recommend it for taking pictures under water (although some people do!), this inexpensive waterproof case is perfect for when you are hanging out near the water… like when you are fishing and you are afraid you might drop your phone in the ocean… or when you’re at the pool or waterpark and you’re all wet but you want to take the perfect picture… or when you’re at the beach and you’re trying to get a picture of your child in the water but you’re afraid to go out too far because you’re afraid your phone will get wet. Those types of things make this a perfect phone accessory… and a perfect gift as well!


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Top 10 Fun Games to Play at Beach

The summer will be here before we know it… and you’ll need some beach games to keep your kids busy! Below is our “Top 10 Fun Beach Games” List. All the beach games listed have been given excellent reviews by online consumers, and they would all make great gifts for teenagers, both girls and boys.

1. KanJam Game
Price: $39.99 at (Click here to buy game.)
This is like “Frisbee with a twist”. You have to get the Frisbee in the can. Teenagers and adults are having a lot of fun with this game.
Watch Video to see how to play “KanJam” …

2. Squap Paddles & Ball Outdoor Beach Game by Simba
Price: $19.99 at
A different way to have a catch, this game is really fun. Kids of all ages are enjoying this game.

Watch a Video of how to play “Squap Paddles & Ball Outdoor and Beach Game” 

3. TidalBall Set with Beach Bag
Price: $19.99 at
Roll the “tidal balls” into holes on the beach.

Watch a Video of TidalBall Beach Game in Action

4. BucketBall Game Set
Price: $49.99 at
Description: A super simple yet fun game. Just throw balls into “lined up buckets” filled with water.

Watch a Video on “How to Play Tidal Ball Beach Game”…

5. Spikeball Combo Meal
Price: $59.99 at
Description: This game is a cool alternative to volley ball. The game is portable and it looks like a mini trampoline. You play in 2 teams of 2. The one person from one team bounces the ball off the “mini trampoline” to their opponent who then has 3 tries to bounce it back to you. The game comes with a bag.

Watch a Video that explains more about “How to Play “Spikeball Combo Meal”…

6. Turtle Toss (corn hole) by SeaTurtle Sports
Price: $79.95 at

Description: This is a really cute “cornhole like” game that is portable and lightweight. Each hole is lined with “mesh” so the bags don’t drop on the sand. This game also comes with a carrying bag that has small holes in the bottom to allow for sand or dirt to pass through it.
Watch “How to Play “Turtle Toss” video…

7. Waboba Extreme Ball
$7.58 at (on sale today)
This super fun inexpensive ball bounces on water. Boys and girls are having fun with this ball in the ocean.
Watch a Video of “Waboba Extreme Ball” in Action

8. Champion Sports Horseshoe set
Price: $14.48 at
Description: What makes this set of horseshoes special is that it has a base at the bottom so you can use it inside or in the park or the beach.

Watch video of Champion Sports Horseshoe Set in action below…

9. AGPtEK® 3D Kite Huge Frameless Soft Parafoil Giant Blue Dolphin Breeze Beach Kites
What’s the beach without a kite? This super large and inexpensive kite is a big hit with consumers. Besides it being a lot of fun, they say it pretty much flies itself and they get a lot of compliments on the way it looks. (The only negative is they are saying not to fly it in heavy winds as the line can snap.)
Price: $10.99 at
View Video of “Dolphin Breeze Beach Kite” in Action…

10. Franklin Sports Grip-Tech Mini Football
Price: $11.30 at
Description: Kids are really enjoying this easy to grip football. It’s approximately 8.5″ long.

Watch Video of Franklin Sports Grip-Tech Mini Football in Action…

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