Fun Games for Girl Tweens – All Under $20

It’s not easy finding Fun Games for Girl Tweens, but thanks to the internet… and all of the online consumer reviews… it is now possible.  The following are 3 fun games that consumers are saying tween girls love! Also, all of the games are under $20 so they are cheap gifts!

The first game is “Kids Charades Game by “Outset Media“”.

Fun Games for Girl Tweens - Kids Charades Price:  $10.95 at
: Can we all agree that the tween years are the most dramatic of all years for girls? OK, now that we have agreed on that, this game is perfect for girls. They can be as dramatic as they want and also have fun with it at the same time. This is a perfect game for sleepovers or if your tween is having a birthday party.

How to Play Game:
In the game, there are 50 cards with 6 choices on each (3 on the front and 3 on the back of each card)… so there could be potentially 300 charade “choices” without repeating one. The three categories used in this game are “people or characters”… “animals or objects”… and “actions or phrases”. To play the game, girls first pair off in teams. One person from the 1st team rolls the dice. The number they roll will determine what they have to act out. They have one minute to act out what is indicated on the card (a sand timer is flipped over to time the girl). Consumers are saying the tween girls they bought this gift for are having a lot of fun playing this game… and for the cheap price, how can you lose?

The second game that consumers are saying are Fun Games for Girl Tweens is “The Sleepover Party Game“”.
Fun Games for Girl Tweens - The Sleepover Party Game
$13 at
This game is super cute. The girls spin a “spinner” to find the “action” they have to perform. After they perform it (like “melt like a snowman” or “celebrate a touchdown”), they get the number of points that the card indicated on it. Online consumers are saying this game is a favorite at sleepovers and parties and it has brought a lot of joy to their tweens. They hear lots of giggles and see lots of smiles… which always makes Mom happy!


The third game that consumers are saying is a fun games for girl tweens is “Pictionary“.
Pictionary for tweens game
$15.99 at

Description: This is a super fun game where kids have to draw what the word says on the cards. Don’t worry if the girl can’t draw. Sometimes, that is the funniest part! This is a great gift idea and it’s really cheap. Consumers are saying girls and adults are having a lot of fun with this game!

To see a Video of how the game is played, click here.
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