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Valentine’s Gifts for Men – Top 10 Gifts for Men

I can’t believe it will be Valentine’s Day before we know it. So, the big question is always, “What do I get my man for Valentine’s Day”? So, here’s the answer. Remember this one thing — even though it’s Valentine’s Day and the theme is “love”, it doesn’t mean men want a “love gift”. Men still like practical gifts … even on Valentine’s Day. So, treat him like you would any other day and get him something he’d use rather than sit and look at. If you are the type that “must” get him something romantic, get him something romantic that he can use. Below is a list of our “Top 10 Gifts for Him on Valentine’s Day

1. Valentine’s Day Card – This is the one “non usable” thing we found out that men actually like. Write a nice note on the card telling him how much you appreciate him. Men love to feel appreciated.

2. Steak – weather you give him a gift card to Outback or LongHorn or another steak restaurant… or whether you cook him a steak dinner… either way, he’ll take it… and this gift will make him feel love for sure.

3. A Weekend Getaway to go fishing or camping or something else he loves to do. It may not sound romantic to you, but if you can afford this one, he will love this gift. Spending time with you and doing something he loves is one of the best gifts you can give him.

4. Beef stick – This sounds ridiculous but most men love beef, in any form!

5. Think about what he has been saying he has wanted forever. If you can recall this, no matter what it is, buy it for him. The fact that you listened to what he likes will mean so much to him, even more than the gift itself. Even if it’s a video game, suck it up and get it for him. He’ll be thrilled.

6. If you’re on a budget, think about what he likes to eat for dessert and take him there to indulge in his favorite dessert or better yet, make him his favorite dessert.

7. Massage – get him a gift card to get a massage.

8. A movie gift card or if you’re on a budget, buy him a movie that you know he’d like. Most men love to watch movies, especially with you… whether it’s at the movie theater or watching it at home.

9. Chocolate. Don’t forget. They’re human! Men love chocolate, too… and pretty much any kind of chocolate. Since it’s Valentine’s Day, you could even get him “heart shaped chocolates”.

10. Two tickets to a concert… whether it be to see his favorite band or to see a theatre show. Make sure to pick out something that you know he would like not what you would like.

So again, the trick is to give him gifts that he would love not that you would love. Remember, men and women have two completely different brains!

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