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8 “Top Rated” Presents I bought my 13 year old Teenager for Christmas

Buying presents for a 13 year old girl can be challenging… especially buying gifts you know she will love. I did my research and bought her 8 gifts this year for Christmas that I think she is really going to love. I believe that because I checked online to see what other consumers said were “top rated” gifts before I bought them! I’m super excited to share them with you below.

Note: Everyone of these gifts are rated Excellent by Consumers!

 1. Nail polish Display Holder for wall in her room
My teenaged daughter is a “girly girl” and has tons of nail polishes all over the place so displaying them on her wall will thrill her! You just put this “baby” up on the wall and “Voila!” Organization!

I bought this at Walmart for under $20.
Click here for more details and to purchase


2. Trivial Pursuit – Family Edition Game

Our daughter loves games and especially “quiz type games”. Plus, this is a nice family game we can play together.

I bought it for $14.92 at
Click here for more information about this game and to buy it



3. Just Dance 2016 (Wii Nintendo)

This is one gift she requested. She loves the “Wii Dance” games so if you have a “Wii” and you daughter loves to “move around and dance”, this might be a perfect gift for her.

I bought it for $28.90 at
Click here to buy “Just Dance 2016” for Wii


4. Sadie Robertson Live Original Devotional
Our daughter loves God and loves to go to church. Plus, we all  love Sadie Robertson so we bought her this devotional to help her get through “bumps in life”. Sometimes, teenagers won’t listen to their parents, but they will listen to someone of influence.

This book costs 11.72 at
Click here to purchase Sadie’s Devotional for Teenage Girls


5. Underwater video camera (AKASO EK7000)– takes videos & pictures!
For her birthday this year, I made the mistake of buying her an underwater camera that was terrible. She was so disappointed. For Christmas, this year, I reviewed it and this one is rated excellent. I can’t wait to see her face light up when she opens this present!

Plus, it was only  $82.99 at (as of today, 12/6/16).

Click here to see the details about underwater video camera and to purchase it

61quihx7wil-_sl1200_Note: Make sure to get a video card (so you can save pictures and videos) with it as it does not come with it. You can buy it at Walmart or another place but while I was buying the camera, I figured I’d buy this as well because it was much cheaper online. I bought this for $11.79 at Click here to see which video card I bought


6. Marcy Recumbent Exercise bike (1 left online at Walmart, but as of today, 12/6/16, you can buy it for the same price at!)
It was only $104.00 at
Click here for more information about the exercise bike and to buy it

Our teenager is 13 and as most teenage girls are, she is a little bit weight conscious… although I have no idea why. She’s about 100 pounds soaking wet. But, she does like to exercise… so I thought I’d get her this exercise bike which I think she’ll love to use during the winter months, especially.

As of today, there is only one left on (You can see it and buy it by clicking here, but the price is also only $104 on . Click here to view it on

7 & 8. A gift card to the movie and to the Cheesecake Factory (this happens to be one of her favorite restaurants). I thought she might want to take one of her friends to go to dinner and the movies. She’s not at the age to date yet (thank God!) but she is at that semi-independent stage where being able to do something by herself is exciting for her.

So, here’s hoping for a Happy Christmas!